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Dentblue, Türkiye

Dentblue Clinic

DentBlue International Dental Clinic, founded in 2018, has continued to provide service with the customer satisfaction oriented approach since the first day. With 800 square meters work area in Istanbul and with totally 2 dental hospitals, modern medical devices, distinguished specialist dentits and expert staff, raise standards in dental treatments.


We are committed to offering the best possible dental care at the most affordable prices to our patients with our experienced and specialist dentists in Istanbul.


Therefore, our dental clinic in Istanbul has the most developed equipments of the industry. Through to these equipments and experiences of our team, we are able to offer first-class dental treatments.


Patients especially from foreign countries are very pleased with the cleanliness, hygiene and special design of our clinic. The materials we use in treatments and dental laboratory processes are always of the highest quality.



DentBlue International Dental Clinic

Address: İnönü, Cumhuriyet Cd. No:105/A, 34373 Şişli/İstanbul

Phone: 00905330472500



Prosthetic Dentistry Specialist

Mehmet Akbul

Prosthetic Dentistry Specialist

Halit Çömez

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Ömer Öner

Cosmetic Dentistry

Çiğdem Ünal


Mehmet Avcı

Prosthetic Dentistry Specialist

Berat D. Ekici

Maxillafacial Prosthetic

Sena Yurtseven

Maxillafacial Prosthetic

Esra Taşcı


Çağrı Ceyli

Prosthetic Dentistry Specialist

Emre Zorlu


Çağla Şimşek

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